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.....When I was learning how to play pool there were no books, no videos, no instructors and no leagues to play in. The best way to learn was to watch. I was privileged to see some of the greatest and some of the not so great. My purpose for publishing my pointers insrtuctional column is not only to inpart pool knowledge to my viewers but to share with the public what these great players from the 1980s and 1990s looked like. Through my trusty Canon, for a moment in time they are immortalized. Some are still here and some are gone and I still remember the joy of watching them play.


When patience goes beyond being a virtue and becomes a necessity

IT SOUNDS SO SIMPLY to tell a beginner to look at the table before making a final decision on what to do next. But in actuality it takes a good deal of training to stick to that model. It’s one of the main differences between a good player and a bad player, a professional and an amateur.

…..Good players are patient. They pause at the table before deciding on what to do. They consider their options. If they are stumped, they slow down and look around. They stretch, bend, stoop and walk around to view all the possibilities on the table.

…..If there is a promising combo on the table, they lower themselves and get a close look at the object balls involved in the shot. There’s no rush.

…..In tournament play, I can see the value of making sure the players don’t take up too much time. After all, you don’t want your audience to be bored. Yet I believe the ‘shot clock’ concept may have gone too far. I would hate to see the game reduced to the fastest player rules.

…..I recently saw a straight pool tournament at Big Daddy’s Billiards in Glen Burnie, MD. There was no shot clock for that competition and the most thoughtful patient player,
Danny Harriman, won it. It was no surprise to me that he had also won the tournament the previous year. I loved watching Danny’s slow deliberate 100+ ball runs in both the semi-finals and finals.










…..Like everything else in pool playing, slowing down and being patient takes practice. Be sure to add “looking around” to your ritual practice routine.

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