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I HAVE BEEN preforming Trick Shot Shows for years. And some of my best shows have been at either Senior or
Youth Centers. The audience is genuinely excited and interested in the demonstration.

.....That kind of enthusiasm always gives the performer a lift. A least that’s what it does for me.  That’s my Mom, Mary Stevens, on my right in the group photo.

.....Mom kept apologizing for roping me into doing a show at the Emeritus Senior Center, and I kept reassuring her that it was perfectly fine. I loved doing the show and meeting many of her friends.








(Photos: Yvette Schops).....


.....SINCE 1991 I’ve been teaching a group class at Brownstone Billiards in my neighborhood, Park Slope, Brooklyn. It’s called the “Teach and Trick Shot Show”. I give instruction and do trick shots based on the topic of the lesson material. We drew many kids to the show because of the entertainment value and the class is free for them when accompanied by an adult, courtesy of the room. I truly enjoy teaching this class. It started out as a 6 lesson course, and eventually we changed it to a four week class to accommodate the high volume demand.

.....The class also attached a lot of couples. Many guys would say they didn’t need a class because they ‘knew it all’. They would come to the class because the girl friend didn’t want to come alone. Afterwards, the man would say to me, “I never realized how much I didn’t know about playing pool. I learned a lot!”



.....This August the class celebrated reaching the 5003 student participant mark. I’m hoping to continue teaching the class for many years to come.






.....If you would like to join in the fun, please email me for more information about my group class at

Sign up is essential as the class needs a minimum of 10 students in order to be booked with the room. Hope to hear from you!

..... See More About Billie

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