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.....Growing up, the most influential person in my life was my mother, Mary. She was a working mom who felt guilty about not being able to stay at home. She had to work for financial reasons. In retrospect, I am glad my mother worked. Because she had to deal with the working world, she was able to teach me many things about being an independent, self-supporting woman. Her two sisters, my aunts Bette and Marguerite, are strong, outspoken women as well and were major role models for me.

I am grateful to still have them in my life and pray that I will have them for many years to come.


We are not alone on planet earth

…..I love living in New York City which is famous for being diverse. This multi-cultural community boasts a variety of art, literature, language, economics, religion, philosophy and, most importantly, food from all over the world. It’s ironic that the main place for a live and let live attitude, a place that personifies the freedoms outlined by the founders of our great country should be a target by the haters of egalitarianism. But I digress…

…..Growing up in a place that allows so many freedoms to people of assorted mind sets opened my heart and mind to the myriad of living things on our planet. I rejoice in that. From the smallest Nanobe to the largest blue whale, and the Great Barrier Reef, I recognize and respect all life in the universe. However, in the great scheme of things, I can only provide aid to the living things that surround me in my neighborhood. I give money to many worthy animal and plant support organizations and encourage everyone to follow suit.

....A friend to animals, I was a major cat and dog rescuer for many years in my neighborhood of Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY. Over a twenty year period I rescued over 30 cats and 5 dogs from the streets. I found homes for the majority but kept eight cats over the years as my personal friends.

…..I also fed several families of cats that lived in the backyards in my area. Not to be confined to house pets, I spread my support to birds and squirrels in my locale. My friends, family and neighbors are not surprised to see birds, hoping for a meal, fly down to the sidewalk in front of me as I leave my home. Never a disappointment, I continue to keep bird seed, shelled almonds and canned cat food in my book bag so as to be ready for any of my friends in the animal kingdom.